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Are your plants off color or perhaps just don't look quite right to you?

Why not let our "watchful eye" take a look? D & L Plantcare, Inc has been serving surrounding areas and Norwalk, CT

Weather patterns can change year to year. Protecting your plants from insects and diseases is what we do at D&L Plant Care of Norwalk,Ct. By using and IPM program (integrated pest program) we can target certain insects and diseases on a plant by plant basis during the growing season in order to protect your investment. Get in touch with us today to schedule an evaluation your existing plants.

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Are ticks making themselves at home in your yard? Though common, these pests are known to carry diseases that can cause serious health issues. As most are aware, ticks can carry not only Lyme disease but Powassan virus of which there is no antibiotic. By taking preemptive protection in spraying your yard, and using other measures, we can drastically reduce the amount of ticks on your property which can ensure the safety of your household and any pets.

If you're ready to reduce the amount of insects on your property, to reach out to D&L Plant Care of Norwalk, CT for tick, and disease control.

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