Get Rid of Unwanted Trees on Your Property

Get Rid of Unwanted Trees on Your Property

Arrange for a tree removal in Norwalk, CT

Is there a tree leaning too close to your roof or hanging dangerously over your driveway? D & L Plantcare, Inc is here to help. We offer tree removal services throughout Norwalk, CT and surrounding areas. We'll chop your tree down and haul away any debris for you. We can also come by to get rid of trees that have fallen across your walkways or yard.

Some reasons to cut down trees include:

  • Storm damage
  • Ice damage
  • Disease in the trunk and limbs
  • Personal preference

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Protect your property by eliminating troublesome trees

When you hire us for a tree removal, it's our goal to keep you safe and keep your home intact. You don't want to worry about a storm knocking trees right into your house. If there's a particular tree you're concerned about, we can come to your property and cut it down. You won't have to stress about the tree damaging your home.

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